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Quant Insight Conference 2016 - How the FINTECH Revolution Impacts Quant Finance

31 mins

In this talk, Susanne provides an overview on the booming fintech scene and the latest trends such

Quant Insight Conference 2016 - The Future of Financial Computation: Capabilities and Delivery

36 mins

In this talk, Conrad Wolfram discusses whether improving computation has been a major driving force

Quant Insight Conference 2016 - Stochastic Filtering in Electronic Trading

28 mins

This talk provides an overview of the methods of stochastic filtering: from Kalman, to particle, to

Quant Insight Conference 2016 - A New Approach for Quantitative Finance

30 mins

This talk describes how Julia's features make it ideal to use as a single language across the entire

Quant Insight Conference 2016 - A Look at the Field of Natural Language Processing and News Analytics in Trading

25 mins

In this talk James Isilay, discusses how unstructured data contains tradable information that is