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How Jim Simons and a Group of Unlikely Mathematicians Solved the Market and Launched a Quantitative Revolution

In this video Gregory Zuckerman explains how a group of unlikely Mathematicians launched a quantitative revolution.

Gregory Zuckerman
1 hour and 4 mins
Available for 2 months 14 days
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Advanced Analytics & AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work

In this video Tony Boobier reflects on how analytics and AI has and will affect the workplace. 

Tony Boobier
57 mins
Available for 1 week 4 days
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Asset Liability Models that are Useful in Practice

This talk is a tutorial on asset liability models for pension funds, insurance companies.

Professor William T. Ziemba
1 hour and 58 mins
Available for 2 months 12 days
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Running Quantitative Analytics with Google Dataflow

In this video you will find out about the evolution of streaming engines, patterns used to connect the engines to external libraries and more.


1 hour and 14 mins
Available for 2 months 12 days
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The Different Truths of IR Volatility Modeling: About Normality and Black’s Immortality

The talk gives an overview of the current “SME Rates Vol Model status quo”, its current challenges and their implications.

Dr. Stefan Fink
30 mins
Available for 1 month 13 days
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Volatility Inputs for Convertible Bond Pricing with Jump to Default

In this talk Pedro discusses modeling convertible bonds, the effect of credit spread, using volatility as an input, the exercise of a convertible bond and implying volatility from a convertible bond market price.

Pedro Ferreira
43 mins
Available for 1 month 13 days
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QI 2017: Smiles & Smirks, A Tale of Factors

Dr. Laura Ballotta offers a general framework based on time changed Lévy process for modeling the stochastic evolution of stock prices, which includes risk factors of both diffusive and jump nature, and leverage effects.

Dr. Laura Ballotta
32 mins
Available for 3 months 13 days
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Zero to AI (7/7)

In this video series Jon McLoone introduces the main concepts of machine learning in approximately 60 minutes.

Jon McLoone
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Key Ideas in Quant Finance Series 2

In these short videos Dr. Alonso Peña looks at an individual concept or “key idea” and its evolution. Together these key ideas form the foundation upon which the quant finance industry builds every day.

Alonso Peña
15 mins