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Advanced Analytics & AI: Impact, Implementation and the Future of Work

In this video Tony Boobier reflects on how analytics and AI has and will affect the workplace. 

Tony Boobier
57 mins
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Why Active Managers Should Not Try to Maximize IR or Use Tracking Error as a Risk Measure

In this video we will compare the conventional view of active risk with a proposed new measure of active risk.

Dan diBartolomeo
1 hour and 5 mins
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Pricing of Digital Option by Monte Carlo Method with Adaptive Scheme

In this video we specialise in the valuation of digital options by discretizing the stochastic differential equation (SDE) for the asset price and by Monte Carlo simulations

Julien Hok
1 hour and 11 mins
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Quantifying Fissures in the US High Yield Market

In this video we review an existing model that connects Central Bank balance sheet size to the performance of risky assets. 

Hari P. Krishnan
1 hour and 37 mins
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Zero to AI (7/7)

In this video series Jon McLoone introduces the main concepts of machine learning in approximately 60 minutes.

Jon McLoone
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Key Ideas in Quant Finance Series 2

In these short videos Dr. Alonso Peña looks at an individual concept or “key idea” and its evolution. Together these key ideas form the foundation upon which the quant finance industry builds every day.

Alonso Peña
15 mins
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Mathematics for Quantitative Finance

This video lecture series provides premium members with a refresher on mathematics in quant finance from CQF Faculty member Dr. Riaz Ahmad.

Riaz Ahmad
6 hours and 14 mins
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Quant Insight Conference 2016 (10/10)

Quant Insight 2016 brought together leading practitioners in the field to explore trends in technology and its uses in quant finance.

CQF Institute, Wilmott and Wiley