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Alternative Data for Investors

61 mins

Saeed defines alternative data and discusses the various challenges associated with its usage.

AI and Machine Learning for Risk Management

69 mins

In this talk, Francesca details current AI and machine learning techniques being used and current

You Can AI Like an Expert

98 mins

This video shows some of the steps taken to make AI into just another tool for everyday data science

Zero to AI - Part 7

6 mins

Jon talks about the data science workflow in the Wolfram Language and its deployment.

Zero to AI - Part 6

7 mins

In this video Jon discusses neural networks, from their design to working with them.

Zero to AI - Part 5

16 mins

Jon looks at what is happening behind the scenes with AI including feature extraction and dimension

Zero to AI - Part 4

6 mins

Jon discusses more advanced issues in this video, including unbalanced data and unbalanced outcomes.

Zero to AI - Part 3

5 mins

In this video Jon discusses and gives examples of sequence prediction in supervised learning.